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Available in 33 cm pots       $165.00

Available in 40cm pots       $250.00

An upright and slow-growing Japanese maple is a small deciduous tree native to Japan, Korea, and China. Also known as lion’s head maple. It grows to a height of around 10-15 feet and has a compact, dense growth habit with twisted, contorted branches. The leaves are deep green in color and are arranged in dense clusters, which give the tree a full appearance. In the fall, the leaves turn bright shades of orange and red, providing a beautiful display of autumn colors. In spring, small reddish-purple flowers are bloomed & only visible when taking a closer inspection of the tree. Prefers well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. The striking and attractive tree would be a great addition to any landscape, especially in decorative patio pots.

Pot Size

33 cm, 40 cm


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