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Acer Palmatum SENKAKI


Available in 33 cm pots 

Senkaki, also known as the Coral Bark Japanese maple tree or Acer palmatum ‘Senkaki,’ is a stunning deciduous tree with a unique feature of red-colored bark that stands out in the winter landscape. Dome-shaped tree colors bright green in spring & turns apricot salmon color in autumn then becomes yellow-orange in the fall, that drop to reveal the vibrant coral-colored bark. It’s highly prized for its compact habit and dainty foliage that is deeply cut with 5 – 9 lobes.

‘Senkaki’ typically grows to a height of 14-18 feet and spreads outwards of 6-10 feet.  It prefers a partially shaded location with moist, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. The low-maintenance tree requires minimal pruning and attention, making it an excellent choice for small spaces, rock gardens, container planting, or as a focal point in a mixed border planting. Its stunning foliage and unique coral-colored bark make it a favorite among gardeners and landscapers who value its beauty and versatility.


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