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Acer Palmatum Goshiki Kotohime


Available in 25 cm pots 

Commonly known as Goshiki Kotohime Japanese maple tree. It’s a rare dwarf variety plant that has a slow-growth rate. A compact, deciduous tree with a bushy habit and variegated foliage offers a great texture to any landscape. Crinkled leaves emerge with pink, white, and green colors, gradually turning to pale green in summer, and then to a mix of pink, white, and green in the fall.

This tiny Japanese maple tree will reach 5-6 feet & 3 feet of spreading in 15 years at maturity. Under ideal conditions, Goshiki Kotohime is expected to live for 60+ years. The tree prefers a partially shaded location with moist, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic.  It is the perfect candidate for container growing, conifer beds, or small spaces in the landscape. An excellent selection for a bonsai. Easy to grow and has the ability to tolerate the heat. Only requires pruning in summer after the leaves have fully developed.


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