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Acer Palmatum Kamagata


Available in 25 cm pots 

Upright dwarf green Japanese maple is a small, deciduous tree that typically grows to a height of 6-8 feet and wide of 3 or 4 feet. The tree will grow about 3-6″ in a year. It has a dense, compact growth habit and a spreading form, with a broad, rounded crown. The leaves are small and deeply lobed, with a glossy, bright green color in the summer that turns brilliant shades of orange and ruby red in the fall. The bark is smooth and gray, with occasional corky ridges.

Despite the small size Kamagata Japanese Maple is a tough and durable tree with low maintenance. Prefers Sun to Partial Shade & moist, well-drained soils for the best growth. The tree is normally free of pests or diseases. And it’s a popular choice for small gardens, patios, and courtyards, as well as for use in bonsai. Its compact size, unique leaf shape, and stunning fall color make it an attractive addition to any landscape.


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